Datawatch Designer Training

Datawatch Designer Fundamentals is a course aimed at beginner and intermediate users. Core topics include the principles of data visualization, creating workbooks and getting to know the full functionality of Designer. This course will help the new users learn to build advanced and interactive Datawatch workbooks and utilize the broad range of features as well as enhance these skills for those more experienced with Designer. You will walk away with the understanding to make your dashboards and insights powerful tools for any audience.

$ 1,000.00

  • Introduction to the Designer Training Course
  • Part 1: Introduction to Design Data
  • Part 2A: Basic Dashboard Building
  • Part 2B: Basic Dashboard Building
  • Part 3A: Working with Time Series Data and Advanced Features
  • Part 3B: Working with Time Series Data and Advanced Features
  • Part 4: Data Tables and Data Transform
  • Part 5: Working with Real-Time Streaming Data
  • Completion

This is the final quiz portion of your course.  It is an accumlation of all the previous quiz questions.  Good luck!

  • Final Quiz

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