Monarch Complete Fundamentals

Monarch Complete Fundamentals is a course aimed at the basic to intermediate user and covers the core topics that are required to truly unleash the power of Monarch Complete including the use of Data Prep Studio and Monarch Classic. This comprehensive course is appropriate for new users seeking to get create a strong knowledge-base as well as for those more experienced users looking to round out their skills with a more formal learning experience.

$ 1,000.00
Data Prep Studio

  • Introduction to Monarch Complete
  • Supplementary Files (Data Prep Studio and Monarch Classic)
  • Data Prep Studio Overview
  • Adding Data
  • Data Preparation Basics
  • Data Preparation Advanced
  • Combining Data
  • Exporting Data and other Advanced Topics
  • Data Prep Studio Quiz
Monarch Classic Basics

  • Monarch Basics
  • Understanding Models and Projects
  • Report Window Basics / Building Templates
  • Working With PDF Files
  • Which Way is Best?
  • Table Data Manipulation
  • Monarch Classic Basics Quiz
Monarch Classic Core

  • Summary Basics
  • The Multi-Column Region Feature
  • The Floating Trap
  • Monarch Classic Core Quiz
Working With Data in Monarch Classic

  • Understanding Exports: Before We Begin...
  • Understanding Exports
  • Importing Data Sources (Intro)
  • Importing Data (Non-Report) Sources
  • External Lookups
  • Advanced Extraction Techniques
  • Dealing with Inconsistent/Optional Data
  • Monarch Working With Data Quiz
Monarch Complete Course Completion

  • Monarch Complete Final Quiz

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